David A. Goldman

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Understanding the emerging models of adaptive resistance is key to overcoming cancer chemotherapy failure. Using human breast cancer explants, in vitro cell lines, mouse in vivo studies and mathematical modelling, here we show that exposure to a taxane induces phenotypic cell state transition towards a favoured transient CD44(Hi)CD24(Hi)(More)
Computation visualization or algorithm animation is becoming an increasingly popular and effective way of teaching, debugging, and analyzing algorithms. Over the past ten years, several algorithm animation systems have been produced. Proposed here is a new approach and framework for visualizing three-dimensional algorithms or computations. Implemented on a(More)
Analytical Placement (AP) is a CAD algorithm for ASIC placement. This algorithm generates a system of linear equations, which we solve using Gaussian elimination. We demonstrate how the specific sub-problem of Gaussian elimination on AP input matrices has the unique property where the pivot row is always in place, and show how this greatly enhances our(More)
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