David A Dunmur

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Broadband dielectric spectroscopy (10(2) Hz to 1.9 x 10(9) Hz) and specific heat measurements have been performed on the odd-symmetric dimer alpha,omega-bis[(4-cyanobiphenyl)-4'-yloxy]undecane(More)
This paper reports a novel liquid crystal phase having the characteristics of a twist-bend nematic phase formed by a non-symmetric ether-linked liquid crystal dimer. The dimer(More)
We report a calorimetric study of a series of mixtures of two twist-bend liquid crystal dimers, the 1'',7''-bis(4-cyanobiphenyl)-4'-yl heptane (CB7CB) and(More)
Correction for 'Miscibility studies of two twist-bend nematic liquid crystal dimers with different average molecular curvatures. A comparison between experimental data and predictions of a Landau(More)