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We have isolated and sequenced a 1400-base-pair cDNA derived from gibberellic acid-treated aleurone cell mRNA. This sequence contains an open reading frame that would code for a protein of 361 amino acids. The carboxyl-terminal two-thirds of the predicted amino acid sequence is closely related to that of the rat lysosomal thiol protease cathepsin H; the(More)
We have determined the nucleotide sequences of Amy32b, a type A alpha-amylase gene, and of the gene for aleurain, a thiol protease closely related to mammalian cathepsin H. Both are expressed in barley aleurone cells under control of the plant hormones gibberellic acid and abscisic acid, but only aleurain is expressed at high levels in other barley tissues.(More)
Increased expression of the insect control protein genes of Bacillus thuringiensis in plants has been critical to the development of genetically improved plants with agronomically acceptable levels of insect resistance. The expression of the cryIA(b) gene was compared to partially modified (3% nucleotide difference) and to fully modified (21% nucleotide(More)
One of the more overlooked aspects of drug action and delivery is the exploitation of nucleocytoplasmic shuttling. Eukaryotic cells regulate many biological processes by the compartmentation of specific proteins into designated areas. Drugs that have a direct effect on a single protein must be able to localize to the same site as the protein and interact(More)
  • Gökhan M Mutlu, David Green, +11 authors G R Scott Budinger
  • 2007
The mechanisms by which exposure to particulate matter increases the risk of cardiovascular events are not known. Recent human and animal data suggest that particulate matter may induce alterations in hemostatic factors. In this study we determined the mechanisms by which particulate matter might accelerate thrombosis. We found that mice treated with a dose(More)
The role of humoral immunity to Schistosoma mansoni infection in C57BL/6J mice was examined by employing a passive transfer system. Sera from highly resistant mice that had been exposed to two or three immunizations with 50-kilorad-gamma-irradiated cercariae were tested for their ability to transfer protection against S. mansoni challenge. All five batches(More)
Although the use of nonviral vectors for gene therapy offers distinct advantages including the lack of significant inflammatory and immune responses, the levels of expression in vivo remain much lower than those obtained with their viral counterparts. One reason for such low expression is that unlike many viruses, plasmids have not evolved mechanisms to(More)
C57BL/6 and Balb/c mice were immunized with ultraviolet-irradiated cercariae of Egyptian strains of Schistosoma mansoni and S. haematobium, challenged with nonirradiated cercariae of the homologous or heterologous species, and assayed for protection against challenge infection by comparing the adult worm burdens of immunized and non-immunized mice.(More)
We hypothesized that myosin light chain kinase (MLCK) links calcium release to activation of store-operated calcium entry, which is important for control of the endothelial cell barrier. Acute inhibition of MLCK caused calcium release from inositol trisphosphate-sensitive calcium stores and prevented subsequent activation of store-operated calcium entry by(More)
Increasing evidence suggests that tight glycemic control improves clinical outcomes after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). However, the risk for hypoglycemia with insulin often results in less aggressive glycemic control. Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) is a naturally occurring peptide whose insulinotropic effects are predicated on the glucose(More)