David A Covell

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INTRODUCTION Enamel decalcification is a common problem in orthodontics. The objectives of this randomized clinical study were to enumerate and compare plaque bacteria surrounding 2 bracket types, self-ligating (SL) vs elastomeric ligating (E), and to determine whether adenosine triphosphate (ATP)-driven bioluminescence could be used for rapid assessment of(More)
Following orthodontic treatment, an increase in the number of occlusal contacts is usually desired during retention. In this study, Hawley and clear overlay orthodontic retainers were compared relative to changes in the number of occlusal contacts. Occlusal contacts were quantified in 30 orthodontic patients at debonding, at retainer delivery, and after 3(More)
Migration of mandibular periosteum and attached musculature was tracked along the inferior border of the ramus in growing and nongrowing guinea pigs (Cavia porcellus) over a 6-week period. Particulate metallic growth-tracing implants were placed through the bony mandible and adjacent musculature at two anteroposterior locations and two bony reference(More)
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