David A. Coley

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OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that there is relative sympathetic hyperactivity in the affected limb in patients with sympathetically maintained pain syndromes by measuring serum norepinephrine and epinephrine in the affected versus the unaffected sides. DESIGN Venous pool samples were drawn just proximal to the affected area and from an identical site(More)
quantified in actualistic studies. 21. Corylites and Alnus fit well with the resource availability hypothesis [P. D. Coley, J. P. Bryant, F. S. Chapin III, Science 230, 895 (1985)] in which high herbivory rates are correlated with short leaf lifespan (Corylites and Alnus were deciduous), high growth rates and relatively early successional status (Corylites(More)
Measurements of the spin dependence of large l, j = l ——, ', transfer reactions at medium energies provide a stringent test of three-body reaction models. We report measurements of the cross section (da/d Q), vector ( A~ ) and tensor ( A» ) analyzing powers, and outgoing proton polarization (p) angular distributions (8, =6.9'-82. 3') for the l= 3, j"=2(More)
Courses timetabling has been one of the main problems for planning, maintaining and optimizing educational institutions. However, the intriguing mathematical problem which usually result from the attempt of promoting optimal courses timetabling has prevented a widely dedication of education managers to this area. The present paper aims to summarize the(More)
Thermography is an emerging technology used by construction professionals focused upon the thermal and condition performance of buildings. However, the interpretation of thermal images is difficult and often misinterpreted. This paper reports on initial work that compares thermographic images from relatively simple experimental setups with transient models(More)
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