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The merit of automatic graph layout algorithms is typically judged by their computational efficiency and the extent to which they conform to aesthetic criteria (for example, minimising the number of crossings, maximising orthogonality). Experiments investigating the worth of such algorithms from the point of view of human usability can take different forms,(More)
This paper proposes a conceptual framework for the reliability assessment of software components that incorporates test case execution and output evaluation. Determining an operational profile and test output evaluation are two difficult and important problems that must be addressed in such a framework. Determining an operational profile is difficult,(More)
Post-deployment maintenance and evolution can account for up to 75% of the cost of developing a software system. Software refactoring can reduce the costs associated with evolution by improving system quality. Although refactoring can yield benefits, the process includes potentially complex, error-prone, tedious and time-consuming tasks. It is these tasks(More)