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Opium poppy produces a diverse array of pharmaceutical alkaloids, including the narcotic analgesics morphine and codeine. The benzylisoquinoline alkaloids of opium poppy accumulate in the cytoplasm, or latex, of specialized laticifers that accompany vascular tissues throughout the plant. However, immunofluorescence labeling using affinity-purified(More)
The upper Arkansas River basin of central Colorado encompasses watersheds that are affected by acid rock drainage from natural and mining-induced sources. Hyperspectral remote sensing is being used to characterize and map the source mineralogy of acid rock drainage, changes in downstream water quality, and the deposition of mine tailings in fluvial(More)
The City of St Louis, Missouri is a large municipality with an extremely fragmented organizational structure. The City recently undertook a major strategic planning study for development of its municipal information systems. In the course of the study, data warehousing emerged as a strategy for consolidating and sharing information among many City(More)
The Arabidopsis cuticle, as observed by electron microscopy, consists primarily of the cutin/cutan matrix. The cuticle possesses a complex substructure, which is correlated with the presence of intracuticular waxes. The plant cuticle is composed of an insoluble polyester, cutin, and organic solvent soluble cuticular waxes, which are embedded within and coat(More)
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