David A. Bessler

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PREFACE The global food system, driven by consumer demand, technology, and the liberalization of international markets, is changing dramatically. Agriculture is striving to keep pace. Producers are seeing unprecedented demand for change in all aspects of their businesses. No commodity system reflects this new environment more completely than the hog/pork(More)
Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG's) and Error Correction Models (ECM's) are employed to analyze questions of price discovery between spatially separated commodity markets and the transportation market linking them together. Results from our analysis suggest these markets are highly interconnected but it is the inland commodity market that is strongly influenced(More)
100 Word Abstract: Using Directed Acyclic Graphs (DAG's) and Error Correction Models we study the dynamics of the notoriously volatile international freight prices that comprise the Baltic Panamax Index, the index on which freight futures trading is based. The DAG's are used to make definitive statements about the contemporaneous correlations between prices(More)
We show how statistical methods based on directed graphs may be useful in modeling traffic fatalities by comparing models specified using directed graphs to a model originally developed by Peltzman. The comparison uses Peltzman's original data, as well as up-dated data (and coefficients) through 1993. Out-of-sample forecasts of traffic fatalities from(More)
This study investigates financial contagion among seven international stock markets around the October 19, 1987 crash. Building on a recent advance in vector autoregression analysis by [Swanson, N., Granger, C.W.J., 1997. Impulse response functions based on a causal approach to residual orthogonalization in vector autoregression. Journal of the American(More)
This study investigates the relationship between consumer debt and aggregate economic activity based on time series methods and directed acyclic graphs (DAG). Quarterly US data, measured over the period 1980 to 2003, on consumer debt, gross domestic product (GDP), interest rates, housing starts, and domestic auto sales, are analysed in an Error Correction(More)
Time series methods are used to study the dynamics of regional, export-wheat, railroad rates linking seven central US regions to Texas Gulf ports. Research focuses on the extent and nature of regional rate interactions to determine whether regional rail transportation rates are established independently, through interaction and/or dominated by several(More)
Acyclic Graphs (DAGs). Corporate strategies and structure have been analyzed as major variables to influence corporate performance in management and organizational studies. However, their causal relationships in terms of which variables are leaders and followers, as well as the choices of variables to configure them, are controversial. Finding of causal(More)