David A. Baude

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Soft contact lenses with different levels of third-order spherical aberration were tested in two samples of subjects aged between 20 and 45 years: 18 emmetropes and 19 myopes. Contrast sensitivity was measured at 12 cycles/degree to determine the optimal lens spherical aberration required by each individual. The optimal third-order coefficient was found to(More)
A model of the presbyopic eye in various viewing conditions is derived as a combination of average clinical data with a monochromatic eye model. The modulation transfer function (MTF), obtained through Fourier optics calculations, is used to define new metrics, which help to predict the visual performance of multifocal contact lenses. The model is applied(More)
Spoilage is a primary factor in the biocompatibility of soft contact lenses (SCL) within the lacrimal fluid. Tears are a complex mixture of proteins, lipids, natural surfactants and salts. The spoilation process is due to a contribution of all these components and of the nature of SCL materials themselves. The aim of this study was to set up methods to(More)
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