David A. Aremu

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Aluminum salts or doses that are unlikely in the human system have been employed in toxicity studies and much attention had been focused on the secondary target (neurons) of its toxicity rather than the primary target (astroglia). In order to address these issues, we have investigated the uptake and apoptotic effects of aluminum amino acid complex on(More)
The present decade had witnessed an unprecedented attention focused on glial cells as a result of their unusual physiological roles that are being unraveled. It is now known that, rather than being a mere supporter of neurons, astroglia are actively involved in their modulation. The aluminum hypothesis seems to have been laid to rest, probably due to(More)
BACKGROUND Many people, by means of consumption of seafood or other anthropogenic sources, are exposed to levels of methylmercury (MeHg) that are generally considered to be quite low, but that may nevertheless produce irreversible brain damage, particularly in unborn babies. The only way to prevent or ameliorate MeHg toxicity is to enhance its elimination(More)
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