David A. Andrews

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Necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) is usually a disease of premature infants, but occasionally it affects the term neonate. A 5-year review of NEC at Children's Hospital and Medical Center identified the unique features of this disease in the term neonate. Eighty-one patients with NEC were treated between January 1984 and May 1989. Ten full-term neonates with(More)
Nonoperative management of solid organ injury in children with blunt abdominal trauma represents the standard of care. In rare cases, a major duct injury with persistent bile leakage may result from blunt trauma to the liver. This injury is of concern in patients treated nonoperatively because it generally must be treated with major abdominal surgery. The(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was to investigate the potential role of a technetium 99m-labeled antigranulocyte murine antibody Fab' fragment (sulesomab) as a diagnostic imaging agent in children with suspected acute nonclassic appendicitis. METHODS Serial planar images at 15 to 30 minutes, 1, 2, and 4 hours and single-photon emission computed tomography(More)
Long gap esophageal atresia occurs in approximately 5% of patients with tracheoesophageal anomalies. A small group of such patients have a rudimentary or diverticular distal esophagus that is not amenable to primary repair. These children usually require staged procedures and esophageal replacement using other parts of the intestinal tract. To circumvent(More)
Antegrade continence enemas can be used to control fecal incontinence caused by neurogenic bowel. Creating a conduit can become a problem when the appendix is unsuitable for use. This paper describes a procedure using a tapered terminal ileum conduit for use with antegrade continence enemas in place of the appendix. This procedure has been attempted and(More)
A juvenile fire setter can be classified as any youth setting a fire regardless of the reason. Many communities have programs to deal with this problem, most based on models developed by the United States Fire Administration. We reviewed our programs data to compare it with that published nationally. Currently there is not a nationwide database to compare(More)
INTRODUCTION To fulfill Food and Drug Administration and Department of Health and Human Services emergency care research informed consent requirements, our burn center planned and executed a deferred consent strategy gaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval to proceed with the clinical study. These federal regulations dictate public disclosure and(More)
Esophageal stenosis caused by an intrinsic congenital deformity is uncommon in infants and children. The main forms of stenosis are congenital esophageal web congenital stricture caused by tracheobronchial remnants, and congenital idiopathic muscular hypertrophy. The authors report on two patients who were successfully treated and managed after being(More)
This paper studies the smoothness and curvature of a marginal function for a trust-region problem. In this problem, a quadratic function is minimized over an ellipsoid. The marginal function considered is obtained by perturbing the trust radius, i.e., by changing the size of the ellipsoidal constraint. The values of the marginal function and of its rst and(More)
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