Davi M Lyra-Leite

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Mitochondria in cardiac myocytes are critical for generating ATP to meet the high metabolic demands associated with sarcomere shortening. Distinct remodeling of mitochondrial structure and function occur in cardiac myocytes in both developmental and pathological settings. However, the factors that underlie these changes are poorly understood. Because(More)
Models and numerical simulations are used to understand concepts of electronic circuits as well as to evaluate their performance without the actual need to build them. Today, they are mostly implemented by softwares that rely on numerical solutions of analytic models, which usually require a great amount of computational resources. In this paper, we propose(More)
Cardiovascular diseases are a leading cause of death, in part due to limitations of existing models of the myocardium. Myocardium consists of aligned, contractile cardiac myocytes interspersed with fibroblasts that synthesize extracellular matrix (ECM). The cellular demographics and biochemical and mechanical properties of the ECM remodel in many different(More)
This paper demonstrates parallel imaging acceleration of spiral Fourier velocity encoded MRI using the iterative self-consistent parallel imaging reconstruction (SPIRiT) technique. Magnitude images and time-velocity distributions obtained with image domain SPIRiT and sum-of-squares reconstruction are compared, for 2-fold and 4-fold undersampling. We show(More)
The reconstruction of multi-dimensional magnetic resonsance imaging (MRI) data can be a computationally demanding task. Signal-to-noise ratio is also a concern, specially in high-resolution imaging. Data compression may be useful not only for reducing reconstruction complexity and memory requirements, but also for reducing noise, as it is capable of(More)
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