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The mandate for the use of the Ada language in Department of Defense software systems, as well as the growing interest in Ada that exists in the commercial software industry, has created the need for planned, systematic transition paths from existing programs to Ada programs. The demands that Ada places on the life-cycle development of software increases(More)
Two studies examine the impact event vividness, event severity, and prior paranormal belief has on causal attributions for a depicted remarkable coincidence experience. In Study 1, respondents (n = 179) read a hypothetical vignette in which a fictional character accurately predicts a plane crash 1 day before it occurs. The crash was described in either(More)
This paper provides an overview of the Circle of Visual Interpretation methodology that is workshopped during Interacción 2014. This new method uses visual interpretation techniques to phenomenologically reveal extra detail of user behaviour from within user research. The Circle of Visual Interpretation methodology is aimed at design teams engaged in(More)
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