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Critical infrastructure such as the power grid has become increasingly complex. The addition of computing elements to traditional physical components increases complexity and hampers insight into how elements in the system interact with each other. The result is an infrastructure where operational mistakes, some of which cannot be distinguished from(More)
Defenders of enterprise networks have a critical need to quickly identify the root causes of malware and data leakage. Increasingly, USB storage devices are the media of choice for data exfiltration, malware propagation, and even cyber-warfare. We observe that a critical aspect of explaining and preventing such attacks is understanding the provenance of(More)
The basis for all IPv4 network communication is the address resolution protocol (ARP), which maps an IP address to a device’s media access control identifier. ARP has long been recognized as vulnerable to spoofing and other attacks, and past proposals to secure the protocol have often involved in modifying the basic protocol. Similarly, neighbor(More)
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