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  • D J Stang
  • 1975
The mediating role of learning in the relationship between repeated exposure and affect was explored and supported in three experiments involving a total of 229 undergraduate participants. It was found that both learning and affect measures behaved in essentially the same way as a function of exposure duration (Experiments 1 and 3), serial position(More)
Exposure duration has been found to have a strong impact on the affective value attributed to a variety of stimuli. The purpose of the study reported here was to examine the impact of this variable in projective testing, and im particular in the affective value subjects attribute to the TAT cards. Using 34 undergraduate students, a linear decrease in(More)
An implementation of the IEEE 1149.1 standard (JTAG) is presented in this paper. Rules are given for removing gated clocks, registering of all the TAP controller outputs, and daisy-chaining the boundary-scan cell clocks, resets, and control signals in a direction opposite to that of TDI to TDO signal. Several major advantages are obtained as a result of(More)
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