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Climate warming is projected to affect forest water yields but the effects are expected to vary. We investigated how forest type and age affect water yield resilience to climate warming. To answer this question, we examined the variability in historical water yields at long-term experimental catchments across Canada and the United States over 5-year cool(More)
Large volumes of gridded climate data have become available in recent years including interpolated historical data from weather stations and future predictions from general circulation models. These datasets, however, are at various spatial resolutions that need to be converted to scales meaningful for applications such as climate change risk and impact(More)
About PCIC The Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium is a regional climate service centre at the University of Victoria that provides practical information on the physical impacts of climate variability and change in the Pacific and Yukon Region of Canada. PCIC operates in collaboration with climate researchers and regional stakeholders on projects driven by(More)
Applying climate data in resource management requires matching spatial scales of climate and resource databases. ClimateWNA is a stand-alone MS Windows-based computer program that enables users to obtain selected monthly climate variables based on latitude, longitude, and elevation for any point in western North America. Historic data and future possible(More)
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