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On the basis of the new finding that the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide (1, 4-[2-(3, 5-dimethyl-2-oxocyclohexyl)-2-hydroxyethyl]-2,6-piperidinedione) is able to competitively inhibit hFKBP12 (K(i) = 3.4 microM) and homologous enzymes, a series of derivatives has been synthesized. The effect of the compounds on the activity of hFKBP12 and their(More)
Acetobacter xylinum produces highly crystalline cellulose extracellularly using glucose as a carbon source. The polymer formed is free of other biogenic compounds, separable in a simple way and characterized by its high water-absorption capacity. Stepwise solvent exchange from water to unpolar solvents leads to a drastic decrease of the water content of the(More)
Peracetic acid Wofasteril) is increasingly made use of as a disinfecting fluid. Because of its high effectiveness it has found widespread use in medical practice. The action of Wofasteril on the oral mucosa during long-term action is studied by aid of an "oral tank". After a test period of 11 months peracetic acid only caused a slight ballooning of the(More)
OBJECTIVE Tissue-engineered blood vessels (TEBVs) represent an innovative approach for overcoming reconstructive problems associated with extended vascular diseases by providing small-calibre vascular grafts. This study aimed to evaluate a novel biomaterial of bacterially synthesised cellulose (BC) as a potential scaffold for TEBV. METHODS Highly(More)
In follow-up examinations of young patients we often noticed upward displacement of the left shoulder in cases where left-sided posterolateral thoracotomy had been carried out. Finding little discussion of this side-effect in the literature, we undertook the present study. The shoulder girdle of 69 patients who had undergone surgery for coarctation of the(More)
BACKGROUND The proportion of dental causes of maxillary sinusitis is estimated between 10% and 40%. The mechanisms are manifold and originate from the close relation of the side teeth and the maxillary sinus. In the past, the transantral approach was commonly used by maxillofacial surgeons as their first choice. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between 01/1999 and(More)
Rabbits were exposed repeatedly to formalin irritation using a new oral tank which allows a chronical contact with the oral mucosa. In long-term experiments (11 months) a preneoplastic unrest of the epithelium with dyskeratosis could be produced. This new model of "oral tank" can be used for soluble and insoluble test substances for analyzing pathogenetic(More)
The inflammatory cellular infiltration in the tumor boundary zone was analyzed in 10 primary tumors, completely histologically worked up and not pretreated, using a metric and reproducible evaluation system at a line of 10 cm per case. The part of the tumor boundary zone free of inflammation varied between 2% and 79%, where as only 3 of the examined 10(More)
This case demonstrates the successful aesthetic and functional reconstruction of a complex facial gun-shot injury with extended bone defects and soft tissue destructions using a 3-step procedure. Initially, a reconstruction plate was inserted, later a fibula transplant enabled the basic reconstruction and finally was distructed in a 3rd session. The(More)