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The arrival of PVRs (Personal Video Recorders)—tape less devices that allow for easy navigation and storage of TV content—and the availability of hundreds of TV channels in US homes have made the task of finding something good to watch increasingly difficult. In order to ease this content selection overload problem, we pursued three related research themes.(More)
To assess the efficacy of potential substitutes for cocaine as a topical anesthetic before nasal intubation, the authors performed a double-blind study comparing the hemodynamic effects of blind nasotracheal intubation in 75 patients receiving one of three nasal sprays: 4% cocaine (C), a mixture of 3% lidocaine in 0.25% phenylephrine (L-P), and 0.25%(More)
INTRODUCTION In this study, we report on initial efforts to discover putative biomarkers for differential diagnosis of a systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) versus sepsis; and different stages of sepsis. In addition, we also investigated whether there are proteins that can discriminate between patients who survived sepsis from those who did not.(More)
The authors determined the cardiovascular effects of blind nasotracheal intubation in four randomized groups of 25 patients each. After induction of anaesthesia with IV thiopentone 4 mg X kg-1, patients in group A received no pretreatment, while patients in group B received IV lidocaine 1.5 mg X kg-1. Three minutes before induction, patients in group C(More)
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