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1. Physical aggression toward nursing staff by confused elderly residents is a very common and frustrating clinical nursing problem in long-term care facilities. 2. Some physical aggression may be associated with a lack of knowledge about dementia, therefore staff inservice education may be one way of reducing some forms of physical aggression. 3. The(More)
This report describes three case studies of the testing of continuous modelling software. Where possible, the testing has been conducted by following the methodology outlined in the SSfM report " Testing Continuous Modelling Software " [1]. Where following this methodology has not been possible, the advice on alternative testing methods in the report [1](More)
A new staining technique based on alcian blue and hematoxylin was used during the study of experimentally produced fractures in long bone. The distinction between cartilage, woven bone, mature bone and necrotic bone during successive stages of the fracture healing process was particularly remarkable. This method was found also to be very useful in the study(More)
Temporary vascular occlusion of the femoral head in 6-week-old rabbits was produced by a closed means in a hip spica; the hips were maintained for 24 h in the position of flexion, abduction and internal rotation. All animals developed necrosis of the capital femoral epiphysis, best seen histologically at 2 weeks, and this subsequently recovered. Despite(More)
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