Dave Rodgers

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Large scale, long term submarine cabled observatory systems represent a new direction for oceanographic research infrastructure. The power and bandwidth of recent generation technology provides several orders of magnitude more capability than has ever been available to the oceanographic research community. Coupled with a multi-decade observing presence,(More)
A community survey and subsequent clinical assessment of 192 Cree aged 65 years and over registered in two Reserves in Northern Manitoba identified only one case of probable Alzheimer's disease among eight cases of dementia, giving a prevalence of 0.5% for Alzheimer's disease and 4.2% for all dementias. This contrasted with an age-adjusted prevalence of(More)
The authors surveyed a stratified sample of 880 colleges and universities in the United States to assess the status and characteristics of their prematriculation immunization requirements (PIRs). On the basis of a 90% return (796 responses), they estimated that 55% of US colleges and universities had implemented a PIR at the time of the survey. Among(More)
The search for risk factors for Alzheimer's disease would be greatly enhanced by identification of populations with significantly different prevalence rates, particularly if these populations consisted of ethnic groups now living in different environments and cultures. Evidence is presented that two such groups are worthy of further study: subjects of(More)
This paper examines the stress on a family after a neonatal death. Sixty-seven families who experienced 63 neonatal deaths and four post-neonatal deaths were studied during an interview held eight weeks after the death. Predominant support for the parents was provided by each other (63%), their parents (33%), friends, many of whom had experienced a similar(More)
The characteristics of "epidemic" suicides in native communities are discussed. It is hypothesized that the suicides are but one of many indicators of general community disorganization and problems. It is felt that concentration on the suicide problem although necessary, may detract from efforts at remedying the basic problems. Three communities are used to(More)