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In the past, there has been conflict between the application programmer's desire for specialized file types and the system programmer's desire to keep the operating system compact. A solution is proposed that allows a simple file or group of simple files to be encapsulated by a user program. The resulting entity (called a user-defined file) allows(More)
Remote sensing has become an important source of land use/cover information at a range of spatial and temporal scales. The existence of mixed pixels is a major problem in remote-sensing image classification. Although the soft classification and spectral unmixing techniques can obtain an abundance of different classes in a pixel to solve the mixed pixel(More)
Image processing is one of the common research areas in recent decades, since noisy images cause harmful consequence on several applications and considerably degrade visual quality. The term denoising indicates to the method of estimating the unidentified (original) signal from available noisy data. Hyperspectral imaging has been established that it has(More)
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