Dave R Clark

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The phylogenetic interrelationships of 14 members of the genus Fusobacterium were investigated by performing a comparative analysis of the 16S rRNA sequences of these organisms. The sequence data revealed considerable intrageneric heterogeneity. The four species Fusobacterium nucleatum (including F. nucleatum subsp. nucleatum, F. nucleatum subsp.(More)
The purpose of this article was to review a series of studies (n = 18) where muscle activation in the free barbell back squat was measured and discussed. The loaded barbell squat is widely used and central to many strength training programs. It is a functional and safe exercise that is obviously transferable to many movements in sports and life. Hence, a(More)
Trunk muscle activation (TMA) has been reported during back squat exercise, however reliability and sensitivity to different loads alongside kinematic measures has not. Hence the aim was to determine the interday reliability and load sensitivity of TMA and kinematics during back squats. 10 males performed 3 test sessions: 1) back squat 1RM, 2) and 3) 3 reps(More)
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