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Fabrication of microfluidic devices by excimer laser ablation under different atmospheres may provide variations in polymer microchannel surface characteristics. The surface chemistry and electroosmotic (EO) mobility of polymer microchannels laser ablated under different atmospheres were studied by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and current monitoring(More)
While the primary product of scientific visualization is images and movies, its primary objective is really scientific insight. Too often, the focus of visualization research is on the product, not the mission. This paper presents two case studies, both that appear in previous publications, that focus on using visualization technology to produce insight.(More)
By linking experimental and computational facilities across the DOE, researchers were able to uncover stacking faults in double-layered perovskite, Sr 3 (Ru 1-x Mn x) 2 O 7. Perovskites are promising materials for solid-state batteries. Understanding the electronic properties of double-layered perovskite requires that defects in perovskite lattice be well(More)
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