Dave Protheroe

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OBJECTIVE To determine the relation between stressful life events and difficulties and the onset of breast cancer. DESIGN Case-control study. SETTING 3 NHS breast clinics serving west Leeds. PARTICIPANTS 399 consecutive women, aged 40-79, attending the breast clinics who were Leeds residents. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES Odds ratios of the risk of(More)
The vehicular ad-hoc networks are the networks made of vehicles in the movement. The vehicular movement management is the important task for the automatically driven vehicles, where the traffic management module must be capable of handling the traffic movement and track the traffic hurdles. In this paper, the primary focus has been kept on the traffic(More)
The problem of secure data transmission on cloud environments is addressed in the proposed security model. The data security is quite important on cloud environments because they belongs the users. The security layer is defined or implemented between the cloud user and server end to ensure the security of data being exchanged between them. In this research,(More)
Is greatest during intimate examination EDITOR,-Arie Speelman and colleagues are inaccurate in stating that "the defence organisations strongly advise both female and male doctors always to use a chaperone."' The Medical Protection Society has long advised that a chaperone should ideally be present when intimate examinations are performed. Each year a small(More)
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