Dave Perry

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Large –scale clinical studies in neuro-imaging are hampered by several factors including variances in acquisition techniques, quality assurance and access to remote datasets. The Neurogrid project will build on the experience of other UK e-science projects to assemble a grid infrastructure, and apply this to three exemplar areas: stroke, dementia and(More)
The paper draws on a number of Grid projects, particularly on the experience of NeuroGrid, a UK project in the Neurosciences tasked with developing a Grid-based collaborative research environment to support the sharing of digital images and patient data across multiple distributed sites. It outlines recurrent socio-technical issues, highlighting the(More)
  • Rick Brown, Washington D C bullet, West Linn, James Agee, Greg Aplet, Evan Frost +10 others
  • 2002
generously and thoughtfully reviewed earlier drafts of this paper and offered suggestions and comments that have substantially improved the final product. I am very grateful for their assistance, and I retain full responsibility for any remaining errors and flaws. ABOUT DEFENDERS OF WILDLIFE Defenders of Wildlife is a leading nonprofit conservation(More)
Advances in neuroimaging have already led to breakthroughs in the clinical management of neurological disorders, with current developments holding comparable promise for neuro-psychiatric disorders. There are, however, key problems to be overcome before the large-scale clinical studies that will realise fully the potential benefits of modern imaging(More)
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