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A hundred years ago George Bernard Shaw lambasted the medical profession as a conspiracy against the laity. Today, disease and doctor centric health systems that are costly, wasteful, fragmented, and too often uncaring are provoking similar ire. Despite the best intentions and undoubted skill of many who work within healthcare, access to care, and its(More)
Indigenous oral health is widely acknowledged as paralleling the significant issues faced in general health. It is recognized that as part of the process of addressing these issues, practitioners need to be aware of the complex nature of working in an Indigenous social and cultural context, including issues beyond direct health care services. It is against(More)
On 26 February 2013 the new "Law on Patients' Rights" (hereinafter also the "Law") became effective. This Law strengthens patients' rights vis-à-vis the insurdnce company and also regulates patients' rights regarding their relation to the doctor. This has consequences for the laws on medical liability all doctors must consider. The doctor's performance is(More)
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