Dave Patterson

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In this paper, we propose an approach to modeling functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data that combines hierarchical polynomial models, Bayes estimation, and clustering. A cubic polynomial is used to fit the voxel time courses of event-related design experiments. The coefficients of the polynomials are estimated by Bayes estimation, in a two-level(More)
Modern methods for imaging the human brain, such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) present a range of challenging statistical problems. In this paper, we first develop a large sample based test for between group comparisons and use it to determine the necessary sample size in order to obtain a target power via simulation under various(More)
Employing a two-stage cryogenic buffer gas cell, we produce a cold, hydrodynamically extracted beam of calcium monohydride molecules with a near effusive velocity distribution. Beam dynamics, thermalization and slowing are studied using laser spectroscopy. The key to this hybrid, effusive-like beam source is a "slowing cell" placed immediately after a(More)
The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Water Balance Model with Isotopes (IWBMIso) is a spatially distributed monthly water balance model that considers water fluxes and storages and their associated isotopic compositions. It is composed of a lake water balance model that is tightly coupled with a catchment water balance model. Measured isotope(More)
● Load hit store: A younger load that executes before an older store to the same memory location has written its data to the caches must retrieve the data from the SDQ. As loads execute, they check the SRQ to see whether there is any older store to the same memory location with data in the SDQ. If one is found, the data is forwarded from the SDQ rather than(More)
We propose a systems approach to providing video service that integrates the multi-resolution data generated by scalable compression algorithms with the high-bandwidth, high-capacity storage provided by disk arrays. We introduce two layout strategies for storing multi-resolution video data on magnetic disk arrays, which vary in the degrees of parallelism(More)
In this article, we model functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) data for event-related experiment data using a fourth degree spline to fit voxel specific blood oxygenation level-dependent (BOLD) responses. The data are preprocessed for removing long term temporal components such as drifts using wavelet approximations. The spatial dependence is(More)
Since practically the first operational stored program computer, architects have dreamed of building bigger computers from many smaller ones. Unfortunately for architects, multiprocessor projects do not have a sterling track record. In our view the Achilles' heel of these projects has not been the design, construction, or reliability of the hardware; it has(More)
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