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In 30 healthy subjects the VECP following full-fields, upper, lower, nasal and temporal half-field stimulation was recorded. The full-field amplitudes is significantly larger than each of the half-field responses. For peak P120, the amplitudes following lower half-field stimulation is significantly larger than the amplitude due to upper, nasal and temporal(More)
The West Fork of Evans Creek Watershed Analysis Unit (WAU) is located in the Evans Creek Watershed. The structural elements of the landscape were defined in terms of the amount and spatial distribution as either matrix, patch, or corridor to identify the diversity and stability within the WAU. Landscape flows having the most influence on the current and(More)
The known proportional increase in the amplitude of the pattern reversal visually evoked potential (VEP) with increasing stimulus area does not occur for the motion-onset VEP. When the stimulus area of the total field (6 degrees x 6 degrees) is compared to that of the half-field (6 degrees x 3 degrees), the N200 amplitude of the motion-onset VEP is not(More)
In 30 healthy subjects the visually evoked cortical potential following full-field and upper, lower, temporal and nasal half-field pattern-reversal stimulation was registered. No significantly differing latencies for peak N90 were to be seen. The responses of peak P120 for upper half-field stimulation showed a significantly longer latency than for(More)
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