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1. B31 and B32 are pattern-initiator neurons in the buccal ganglia of Aplysia. Along with the B61/B62 neurons, B31/B32 are also motor neurons that innervate the 12 buccal muscle via the I2 nerve. This research was aimed at determining the physiological functions of the B31/B32 and B61/B62 neurons, and of the I2 muscle. 2. Stimulating the I2 muscle in the(More)
How do animals use the same peripheral structures to generate different behavioral responses? Three different neuronal architectures have been proposed to mediate this task: dedicated circuitry; distributed circuitry; and reorganizing circuitry. This review will critically examine the evidence for these different architectures in invertebrate circuits, and(More)
We sought to develop a map of the locations of neurons that are active during patterned activity in the buccal ganglion of Aplysia using optical techniques. Staining ganglia with a voltage-sensitive absorbance dye (JPW 1124) did not prevent them from generating patterned activity similar to that observed before staining, in response to shock of the(More)
Over the past decade, computing power has increased extraordinarily, enabling researchers to tackle large complex problems -- a great step forward in our ability to model the complex world. This increased capability resulted in massive amounts of data being produced and used by increasingly detailed simulations. It is the location, viewing, manipulation,(More)
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