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Observations by the Ulysses SWOOPS plasma experiment are used to investigate spatial and temporal gradients during the mission, with emphasis on more recent high latitude observations including the recent South Pole to North Pole passage during solar minimum. Compared to lower latitudes, the high latitude solar wind had higher average speed, proton(More)
We present a case study that evaluates the applicability and effectiveness of model-based testing in detecting bugs in real-world, mission-critical systems. NASA's Operating System ion Layer (OSAL) is the subject system of this paper. The OSAL is a reusable framework that wraps several operating systems (OS) and is used extensively in NASA's flight software(More)
Hydrogen gas is the dominant component of the local interstellar medium. However, owing to ionization and interaction with the heliosphere, direct sampling of neutral hydrogen in the inner heliosphere is more difficult than sampling the local interstellar neutral helium, which penetrates deep into the heliosphere. In this paper, we report on the first(More)
The Suess-Urey (S-U) mission has been proposed as a NASA Discovery mission to return samples of matter from the Sun to the Earth for isotopic and chemical analyses in terrestrial laboratories to provide a major improvement in our knowledge of the average chemical and isotopic composition of the solar system. The S-U spacecraft and sample return capsule will(More)
Properties of the large amplitude Alfv&n waves which are a dominant feature of wind have been studied during the pole-to-pole passage of Ulysses. In addition, the high latitude solar an effort has begun to identifi magnetosonic waves at high latitude in spite of their expected small amplitude and the presence of the large amplitude Alfv6n waves. The power(More)
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