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There is a pervasive pattern of discrimination and prejudice against transgendered people within society. Both economic discrimination and experiencing violence could be the result of a larger social climate that severely sanctions people for not conforming to society's norms concerning gender; as such, both would be strongly associated with each other.(More)
This article examines more than a decade of changes in special education research and in the use of technology. It discusses evolving research and projects funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) and raises questions about the use of specific methodologies and about whether children with disabilities are being prepared for the world in(More)
tion to yours. I just interviewed for an executive director position at Honeywell’s Chemical’s group. And they have hired UX VPs at a few of their other divisions. This is the trend. GE is doing this as well. These are roles with direct contact to the CEO and can clearly compete for senior leadership roles guiding the strategy of the organizations. Couple(More)
I have always asked my peers, what is so horrible about this attempt to Define the Damn Thing (DTDT), as it is often called? Some tout it as a waste of time. As I hope I have illustrated here, this is far from the truth. Others find that it can’t be done and that creating the examples is all the clarity we need, as we can point to X and say, “Yes, that is X(More)
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