Dave M. Camm

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This paper describes a constant switching frequency variable duty cycle control strategy that adjusts the current in a vortex water-wall argon arc lamp to achieve wafer temperature tracking in response to a temperature ramp request. The control system includes a model for the following: 1) the outer loop temperature controller; 2) the inner loop current(More)
High-temperature arc lamps are used for thermal processing of semiconductor wafers. A vortex water wall on the inner surface of the lamp's enclosure is used to provide cooling for the glass. It has been experimentally observed that, above certain levels of injected energy, the arc shows an unstable behavior and is self-extinguished. In this paper, a(More)
This paper describes the application of a vortex water wall high-pressure argon lamp for a semiconductor annealing process. These lamps have been designed to operate up to a 500-kW power level, have a continuous spectrum, similar to daylight, and have been used to characterize solar cells. Precise control of the radiated power generated by the lamps is(More)
Vortex stabilized water-wall arc lamps are used in rapid thermal processing applications. A key issue is to develop more accurate models so that better control is achieved of the temporal radiation exiting the lamp. The current problem is the lack of a practical means of incorporating radiative transfer. This paper shows that it is possible to obtain a good(More)
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