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— This paper describes the low-complexity 14kHz bandwidth audio coding algorithm which has been recently standardized by ITU-T as Recommendation G.722.1 Annex C (" G.722.1C "). The algorithm is an extension to ITU-T Recommendation G.722.1 and a doubled form of the G.722.1 algorithm to permit 14 kHz audio bandwidth using a 32 kHz audio sample rate, at 24,(More)
cussi on of di gi tal l i brari es—what they are, how they are organi zed, and what they l ook l i ke—to ni tty-gri tty detai l s of how to represent the documents they contai n. To do a thorough j ob we wi l l have to descend even f urther and l ook at the representati on of the characters that make up textual documents and the f onts i n whi ch those(More)
The web consists of huge amounts of data available in a variety of digital forms stored in thousands of repositories. Approaches that use the semantics of information captured in the metadata extracted from the data are being viewed as an appealing approach, especially in the context of the Semantic Web effort. We present in this chapter a discussion on(More)
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