Dave Johnston

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This article investigates the relation between stimulus-evoked neural activity and cerebral hemodynamics. Specifically, the hypothesis is tested that hemodynamic responses can be modeled as a linear convolution of experimentally obtained measures of neural activity with a suitable hemodynamic impulse response function. To obtain a range of neural and(More)
We describe a method for imaging the local cortical haemodynamic response to whisker stimulation in the rat without use of anaesthetic or paralytic agents. Female Hooded Lister rats were anaesthetised and a section of skull overlying somatosensory cortex thinned to translucency. A stainless steel chamber was then secured over the thin cranial window.(More)
Optical imaging spectroscopy was used to measure the hemodynamic response of somatosensory cortex to stimulation of the whiskers. Responses to brief puffs of air were compared in anesthetized and unanesthetized rats. The hemodynamic response was approximately four times larger in the unanesthetized animal than the corresponding anesthetized animal. In(More)
External IT consultants are specialists who bring in skills that may be lacking within a firm. However, a lack of firm specific knowledge, low legitimacy, and a host of other factors may limit the effectiveness of IT consultants. From a resource-based perspective, consultants can represent a rich source of short term, valuable capabilities. These(More)
AIMS To clarify the underlying causes of corneal opacification in Tangier disease. METHODS Both corneas were removed at death from a 62 year old man with Tangier disease, and were examined by direct and transmission electron microscopy, histochemistry, biochemical analysis by thin-layer and gas-liquid chromatography after extraction, and by differential(More)
The aim of this study was to try to gauge the functional effect of post-operative adjuvant radiotherapy after potentially curative anterior resection for carcinoma of the rectum. Anorectal function was studied both in the laboratory and clinically in 59 patients, a median of 12 months (range 6–96) after operation. Nine patients received post-operative(More)
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