Dave J. Holliday

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We present a n e w t e c hnique for modeling rectilinear volume data. The algorithm produces a trivariate model, F (xx y z), which is piecewise deened over tetrahedra that ts the volume data to within a user speciied tolerance. The technique is adaptive leading to an ecient model that is more complex where the data demands it. The novelty of the present t e(More)
<italic>We present a new approach to solving the cracking problem. The cracking problem arises in many contexts in scientific visualization and computer graphics modeling where there is need for an approximation based upon domain decomposition that is fine in certain regions and coarse in others. This includes surface rendering, approximation of images and(More)
A geometric interpretation of the diagonal of a tensor-product trivariate Bézier volume using degree elevation of Bézier triangles is given. A brief discussion of the diagonal curve of a tensor-product bivariate Bézier surface will help to motivate our geometric interpretation for the diagonal curve of a Bézier volume. Suppose we have a tensor-product(More)
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