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This paper examines the role and importance of economic appraisal of health technology in Australia, particularly those appraisals conducted under the auspices of a Federal Committee. Eight specific examples are considered: extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, office pathology testing, magnetic resonance imaging, cervical cancer screening, bone mineral(More)
In this paper the first theme is the experience with the routine use of cost-effectiveness analysis in decisions by the Australian Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee on whether drug products should attract a government subsidy. As a second theme, the contrasting experience with several other health technologies is presented, with economic analysis(More)
  • D M Hailey
  • 1996
Health technology assessment in Australia has been undertaken for a number of years. While there have been many useful achievements, problems remain with the coverage and timeliness of assessments and with access to information on healthcare technologies. Further desirable developments might include greater involvement of State agencies, professional bodies(More)
Diagnostic imaging technologies are essential in health care but have high costs and poorly defined benefits. Formulation and implementation of policy on their procurement and use is made difficult by the complexity of the diagnostic process, and the limitations of available data and assessment methodology. Informed policy decisions will need to be based on(More)
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