Dave G Fernig

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Lipopolysaccharides (LPS), either in the free form or complexed to CD14, a LPS receptor, are elicitors of the immune system. Lactoferrin (Lf), a LPS-chelating glycoprotein, protects animals against septic shock. Since optimal protection requires administration of Lf prior to lethal doses of LPS, we hypothesized that interactions between Lf and soluble CD14(More)
Prenatal airways from diverse species are capable of spontaneous peristaltic contractions in each trimester. The function of this smooth muscle activity is unknown. We demonstrate that peristalsis of the embryonic airway originates from a sided pacemaker focus, is stimulated in a calcium-dependent fashion by the pulmonary morphogen fibroblast growth(More)
We report that mast cells can bind and present IFN-gamma in a functionally active form to macrophages. Flow-cytometric analysis revealed that biotinylated IFN-gamma bound equally well to purified peritoneal mast cells from both IFN-gammaR knockout and wild-type mice, indicating a non-IFN-gammaR binding site. Purified peritoneal mast cells, loaded with(More)
Antibodies to mycolic acid (MA) antigens can be detected as surrogate markers of active tuberculosis (TB) with evanescent field biosensors where the lipid antigens are encapsulated in liposomes. Standard immunoassay such as ELISA, where the lipid antigen is not encapsulated, but directly adsorbed to the well-bottoms of microtiter plates, does not yield the(More)
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