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The application of q-ary codes for the correction of single peak-shifts, deletions and insertions of zeros, preprint. Finally, we note that drop-ins and drop-outs can be detected by an external means and, if desired, agged for erasure decoding by an outer, burst-correcting code, as described in the context of SECM codes in 7]. 6.2 Algebraic decoding of(More)
The computation implied by (8)-(11) is given in Fig. 1 which is tion of two multidimensional sequences can be computed directly called a 2-D DHART butterfly. Each butterfly involves 6 real multifrom the DHART defined in (6). plications and 8 real additons. The basic 2 X 2 DHART needs no Let us assume that we wish to convolve (circular convolution)(More)
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