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Dean of the Graduate School ______________________________________ DEDICATION To my parents Donald and Monica and youngest brother Bruce whom we miss very much and dearly love. Also, to my sister Mary and her three daughters Josie, Danny and Alicia. Finally, to my brother Larry who I love and ask that God have mercy on us both. Bryant et al.). I am very(More)
This paper describes our experience in using a multimedia project management and software engineering environment, Decision-based Hyper-multimedia CASE (DHC), to support the Low-Visibility Landing and Surface Operations (LVLASO) project at the NASA Langley Research Center. 1 The purpose of the LVLASO project is to allow pilots to land and taxi airplanes(More)
The use of trademarks or names of manufacturers in this report is for accurate reporting and does not constitute an ocial endorsement, either expressed or implied, of such products or manufacturers by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Acknowledgments We appreciate the help of David Green from Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Corporation,(More)
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