Dave Douglas

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A novel programmable element has been developed and evaluated for state of the art CMOS processes. This element is based on agglomeration of the Ti-silicide layer on top of poly fuses. Various aspects of these programmable devices including characterization and optimization of physical and electrical aspects of the element, programming yield, and(More)
A novel packaging approach has been demonstrated for circuits connected with flexible microsprings. The approach is based on silicon micromachined features and results in a highly accurate and low cost packaging solution. The micromachined features were processed into silicon with an anisotropic wet etch forming inverted pyramidal micro-pits. The pits are(More)
Flexible, stress-engineered spring interconnects is a novel technology potentially enabling room temperature assembly approaches to building highly integrated and multi-chip modules (MCMs). Such interconnects are an essential solder-free technology facilitating the MCM package diagnostics and rework. Previously, we demonstrated the performance,(More)
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