Dave Cunningham

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Race conditions occur when two incorrectly synchronised threads simultaneously access the same object. Static type systems have been suggested to prevent them. Typically, they use annotations to determine the relationship between an object and its " guard " (another object), and to guarantee that the guard has been locked before the object is accessed. The(More)
The Universe Type System is an ownership type system for object-oriented programming languages that hierarchically structures the object store; it is used to reason modularly about programs. We formalise Universe Types for a core subset of Java in two steps: We first define a Topological Type System that structures the object store hierarchically into an(More)
We will demonstrate the maturity of the X10 programming language by implementing such a real-time ray tracer using a pile of low spec GPGPU laptops and a Gigabit Ethernet switch. Ray tracing is a rendering technique that can better simulate complex lighting situations such as reflections and refractions. It is typically too computationally expensive for(More)
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