Dave Cummins

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This article designs a framework for evaluating the causes, consequences, and future implications of financial services industry consolidation, reviews the extant research literature within the context of this framework (over 250 references), and suggests fruitful avenues for future research. The evidence is consistent with increases in market power from(More)
In spite of obvious achievements in prevention, caries remains a prevalent disease. Fluorides are effective by inhibiting enamel and dentin demineralization and enhancing remineralization, but have little or no influence on bacterial processes in dental plaque. Dental caries is a continuum of stages from reversible, early lesions to irreversible,(More)
Innovation in the dental caries area and the development of new superior efficacy treatments to prevent dental caries are as important today as they have ever been, because caries remains a highly prevalent disease globally. Appropriately designed and well-conducted, randomized clinical trials (RCTs) are best-in-class evidence of the effectiveness of a new(More)
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