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and Duke conference on risk-neutral and objective probability measures provided many useful suggestions. A special thanks goes to Cam Harvey (the Editor) and an anonymous referee, whose suggestions have helped us improve this paper substantially. Kristaps Licis provided expert research assistance. Any errors are our own. An earlier version of this paper was(More)
Combinatorial mismatch-primer mutagenesis was used to make simultaneous changes of codons for residues Trp19 and Trp99 of the Escherichia coli trp aporepressor (TrpR protein) to codons for other residues. Among 21 different single- and double-mutant repressors obtained from this round of mutagenesis, proteins with Trp-->Leu and Trp-->Met changes at one or(More)
anonymous referee, and seminar participants at the University of Texas at Austin for helpful comments. We are responsible for all remaining errors. ABSTRACT We compare CEOs of electric and gas utility firms to CEOs of unregulated firms. Utility CEOs tend to be older when appointed to office, have less prestigious educational backgrounds, and are more likely(More)
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