Dave Chapman

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We document the di erential pricing of individual equity options versus the market index, and relate it to variations in return skewness. The impact of risk aversion induced by marginalutility tilting of the physical density can introduce skewness in the risk-neutral density. We derive laws that decompose individual return skewness into a systematic(More)
We study managerial style effects in a large panel of Compustat firms from 1990 to 2007. We find that policy changes after exogenous CEO departures do not display abnormally high levels of variability, casting doubt on the hypothesis that unanticipated idiosyncratic managerial style effects have a substantive impact on corporate policies. For endogenous CEO(More)
We compare CEOs of electric and gas utility firms to CEOs of unregulated firms. Utility CEOs tend to be older when appointed to office, have less prestigious educational backgrounds, and are more likely to have a legal background. Despite these differences, the evidence also indicates that the likelihood of utility CEO turnover is at least as sensitive to(More)
For the last 11 years Think London has acted as London’s official inward investment agency. In this time it has helped over 800 foreign companies set up operations in London, thus making an important contribution to London’s position as a major foreign direct investment target. Since 2004, UCL has collaborated with Think London to provide spatial analysis(More)
Combinatorial mismatch-primer mutagenesis was used to make simultaneous changes of codons for residues Trp19 and Trp99 of the Escherichia coli trp aporepressor (TrpR protein) to codons for other residues. Among 21 different single- and double-mutant repressors obtained from this round of mutagenesis, proteins with Trp-->Leu and Trp-->Met changes at one or(More)
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