Dave Chapman

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Using a new Bayesian method for the analysis of diffusion processes, this article finds that the nonlinear drift in interest rates found in a number of previous studies can be confirmed only under prior distributions that are best described as informative. The assumption of stationarity, which is common in the literature, represents a nontrivial prior(More)
African swine fever (ASF) is an acute haemorrhagic disease of domestic pigs for which there is currently no vaccine. We showed that experimental immunisation of pigs with the non-virulent OURT88/3 genotype I isolate from Portugal followed by the closely related virulent OURT88/1 genotype I isolate could confer protection against challenge with virulent(More)
The expression of surface markers on African swine fever virus (ASFV) infected cells was evaluated to assess their involvement in infection. Previous findings indicated CD163 expression was correlated with ASFV susceptibility. However, in this study the expression of porcine CD163 on cell lines did not increase the infection rate of these cells indicating(More)
Evidence of enhanced oceanic convection over Maud Rise in the Weddell Sea indicates that bottom topography may play a role in selecting the location and scale of deep convecting oceanic chimneys below large scale atmospheric negative buoyancy forcing. Topographic preconditioning of open ocean deep convection is studied using an ide-alized,(More)
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