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Loch Leven has been designated as a UK Ramsar Site (1976), a Site of Special Scientific Interest (1985) and a Special Protection Area (2000) due to its importance as a site for overwintering waterfowl. However, no comprehensive assessment of trends in waterfowl at the local versus national scale has been conducted at the site. Coherence between trends in(More)
To address the pressing problems associated with biodiversity loss, changes in awareness and behaviour are required from decision makers in all sectors. Science-policy interfaces (SPIs) have the potential to play an important role, and to achieve this effectively, there is a need to understand better the ways in which existing SPIs strive for effective(More)
ALTERNet R4: Conflict management, participation, social learning and attitudes in biodiversity conservation This report discusses the role of some social approaches in contributing to biodiversity conservation options. Conflict management, participation, social learning and attitudes, particularly the gap between attitudes and behaviour, are defined and(More)
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