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This paper describes CHiMPS, a C-based accelerator compiler for hybrid CPU-FPGA computing platforms. CHiMPSpsilas goal is to facilitate FPGA programming for high-performance computing developers. It inputs generic ANSIC code and automatically generates VHDL blocks for an FPGA. The accelerator architecture is customized with multiple caches that are tuned to(More)
Many-cache is a memory architecture that efficiently supports caching in commercially available FPGAs. It facilitates FPGA programming for high-performance computing (HPC) developers by providing them with memory performance that is greater and power consumption that is less than their current CPU platforms, but without sacrificing their familiar, C-based(More)
This poster describes CHiMPS, a toolflow that aims to provide software developers with a way to program hybrid CPU-FPGA platforms using familiar tools, languages, and techniques. CHiMPS starts with C and produces a specialized spatial dataflow architecture that supports coherent caches and the shared-memory programming model. The toolflow is designed to(More)
This article qualitatively analyzes the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) for Information Systems (IS) executive careers based on evidence gathered from five case studies carried out in 1997. Typical IS executive career paths are presented within a time series style and the CSFs are interpreted within a descriptive framework by synthesising the case data(More)
A review of the literature suggests that various IS knowledge and skills should be grouped into a construct because many IS tasks require a combination of diverse disciplines. Many studies argue that today's IS executives should be multidisciplinary, while the organizational skills are becoming increasingly important. However, the outstanding issue is what(More)
High-Performance Reconfigurable Computers (HPRCs) based on the combination of conventional processors and FPGAs have been gaining attention in the past few years. Their benefits were particularly harnessed in compute-intensive integer applications. However, there has been doubt that the same benefits can be attained for general scientific applications.(More)
Health and safety management systems have a background in theory and in various interests among employers and workplace health and safety professionals. These have resulted in a number of national systems emanating from national standard-writing centres and from employers' organizations. In some cases these systems have been recognized as national(More)
A vast and growing interdisciplinary research effort has focused on the rise of the so-called New West, purportedly the product of regional socioeconomic, political, and ecological upheavals in states like Montana and Colorado. Reviewing the growing research on this problem in sociology, economics, geography, and conservation science, this article(More)
* The essays in " The Character of Consciousness " sketch a comprehensive theory of intentionality, aimed at explaining how linguistic items and mental states get their contents. The framework of two-dimensional semantics includes the thesis that sentences, beliefs, and experiences each have two sets of contents, and an explanation of the underlying(More)