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The author presents results of a meta-analysis of 29 validation studies (N=4,861) that uses the Great Eight competency factors (Kurz & Bartram, 2002) as the criterion measurement framework. Predictors of the Great Eight competencies based only on personality scales show moderate to good correlations with line-manager ratings for all 8 of the competencies.(More)
The aim of this study was to evaluate the factor structure of the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 (CSAI-2) using confirmatory factor analysis. Volunteer participants (n = 1213) completed the CSAI-2 approximately 1 h before competition and the data were analysed in two samples. The hypothesized model showed poor fit indices in both samples(More)
would like to thank Doris Fay and two anonymous reviewers for their valuable comments and suggestions. Abstract This paper examines age-related differences in work motivation in two samples of 9388 and 2512 individuals who completed a comprehensive motivation questionnaire (MQ, SHL, 1992) for selection or development purposes. In the first sample, age(More)
This study assessed the relative accuracy of 3 techniques--local validity studies, meta-analysis, and Bayesian analysis--for estimating test validity, incremental validity, and adverse impact in the local selection context. Bayes-analysis involves combining a local study with nonlocal (meta-analytic) validity data. Using tests of cognitive ability and(More)
Although rating differences among incumbents of the same occupation have traditionally been viewed as error variance in the work analysis domain, such differences might often capture substantive discrepancies in how incumbents approach their work. This study draws from job crafting, creativity, and role theories to uncover situational factors (i.e.,(More)
for his valuable contributions to the Leadership project and to the production of this White Paper. Professor Warr carried out much of the literature review on which this was based and contributed to many of the ideas put forward in this paper. The author is also grateful to Rainer Kurz and Rob Bailey who worked on this project in the Research Division and(More)
The presentation will review some of the ways in which testing is being carried out on the Internet. From this a range of issues relating to technology, security, privacy and fairness will be set out. A framework for considering how each of these issues can be addressed will be described as a potential basis for developing guidelines in this area. This(More)
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