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Modeling is at the core of many disciplines, but it is especially important in engineering because it facilitates communication and constructs complex things from smaller parts. Model engineering or model-driven development, treats software development as a set of transformations between successive models from requirements to analysis, to design, to(More)
● Particularly in 1990s, some developers reacted against traditional " heavyweight " software development processes. ● New methods were being developed and tested, – e.g. extreme programming, SCRUM, Feature-driven development – Generally termed " light " processes ● " Representatives " from several of these methods got together in Utah in 2001 – Settled on(More)
Twenty years after the paper <i>No Silver Bullet: Essence and Accidents of Software Engineering</i> by Frederick P. Brooks first appeared in <i>IEEE Computer</i> in April 1987 (following its 1986 publication in <i>Information Processing</i>, ISBN 0444-7077-3) does the premise hold that the complexity of software is not accidental? How have the "hopes for(More)
In this paper, we offer an alternative vision for domain driven development (3D). Our approach is model driven and emphasizes the use of generic and specific domain oriented programming (DOP) languages. DOP uses strong specific languages, which directly incorporate domain abstractions, to allow knowledgeable end users to succinctly express their needs in(More)