Davar Pishva

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We describe a unique shape based segmentation and color distribution analysis approach that can be used in a machine vision based cash register system for commodity pricing of hand made breads. Systematic sorting and classification of bread samples according to their shapes, sizes, textures and surface color distribution is explored. In this paper, we(More)
The idea of using existing electronics in smart home appliances and connecting them to the Internet is a new dimension along which technologies continue to grow. In Japan, electronics giants are selling various kinds of smart home appliances and have also joined hands to create standards for linking networked home appliances. While there is a huge potential(More)
— This paper provides an overview of the technologies used in smart classrooms for distance education by classifying smart classrooms into four categories and discussing the type of technologies used in their implementation. It gives an example of a successful implementation of distance education technology being used to link university campuses in Japan(More)
  • Davar Pishva
  • 2007
This paper describes a successful example that brings the much-needed information security education to Japan and effectively implements it in Hyogo Prefecture, which has been playing a leading role in providing measures for safety and security of Japanese society since the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake. The paper provides an overview of the technology(More)
  • D. Pishva
  • 2007
This paper proposes the use of spectroscopic approach as a means to enhance existing biometrics technology in order to prevent spoofing. It shows how biometrics authentication systems can be enhanced with a spectroscopic method in a multi-factor manner such that a person's unique 'spectral signatures' or 'spectral factors' are recorded and compared in(More)
— Commercial advertising has greatly benefitted from Internet services and online advertising can even be considered as the foundation of web economy. However, despite the availability of many books on how to create, use and make profit from online advertisement; there is little in-depth study on its true nature, security and privacy concerns. Through this(More)
This paper describes the current state of information security at local governments in Japan and recommends two approaches in order to come up with a better information security management framework. The Hyogo Prefectural Government, which has been playing a leading role in providing measures for safety and security of Japanese society since the Great(More)
This paper explores the feasibility of using machined vision based cash register system in a university cafeteria and automatically determine price of the food items that are contained on a cafeteria food tray. The idea is to take an image of the food tray, identify all the food items on the tray, and display the total food cost. A fully automated version(More)