Davar Pishva

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We describe a unique shape based segmentation and color distribution analysis approach that can be used in a machine vision based cash register system for commodity pricing of hand made breads. Systematic sorting and classification of bread samples according to their shapes, sizes, textures and surface color distribution is explored. In this paper, we(More)
— This paper provides an overview of the technologies used in smart classrooms for distance education by classifying smart classrooms into four categories and discussing the type of technologies used in their implementation. It gives an example of a successful implementation of distance education technology being used to link university campuses in Japan(More)
— Commercial advertising has greatly benefitted from Internet services and online advertising can even be considered as the foundation of web economy. However, despite the availability of many books on how to create, use and make profit from online advertisement; there is little in-depth study on its true nature, security and privacy concerns. Through this(More)
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