Dava J. Newman

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Cognitive-performance and motor-performance activities in multi-task, high-workload environments were assessed during astronaut performance in space flight and in isolation. Data was collected in microgravity on the International Micro-gravity Laboratory (IML) space shuttle mission (STS-42), and the Canadian Astronaut Program Space Unit Life Simulation(More)
Understanding the skin's material properties and natural motion is critical to a myriad of applications from tissue engineering to spacesuits. While there is an extensive understanding of human skin properties based on active tensile testing, both in vitro and in vivo, there is a little current knowledge of the strains experienced by skin during natural(More)
—This paper presents the design of an advanced kine-matic and kinetic measurement system for the International Space Station and the Italian Space Agency are currently developing jointly an integrated system capable of precisely measuring the forces and moments the astronauts induce and their postures and movements. Kinetic measurements will be performed(More)
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