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OBJECTIVE This article provides a critical review of the evidence indicating that an increase in intestinal permeability is associated with the installation of bacteremia, sepsis, and the multiple organ failure syndrome and that glutamine in pharmacologic doses reduces the acute increase of intestinal permeability and the infection frequency in critically(More)
Burn patients develop pathophysiological alterations, which include extensive nitrogen loss, malnutrition, markedly increased metabolic rate and immunologic deficiency. This predisposes burn patients to frequent infections, poor wound healing, increased length of hospitalization and increased mortality. The nutritional support requires high protein and high(More)
INTRODUCTION Since malnutrition is common in patients with hepatic cirrhosis (HC) is necessary to investigate the interference of the pathophysiological changes of liver in the methods of diagnosis of the nutritional status. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the frequency of malnutrition among patients with HC outpatients, using different assessment methods of the(More)
This retrospective analysis of burn patients in a University Hospital in the state of São Paulo, Brazil, was carried out to characterize this population and to identify the factors that affect the mortality rate. All patients hospitalized from January 1990 to April 1995 (n = 229, 3.6 patients/month) and who terminated treatment were included. Of these,(More)
Shift work and long hours of work are common in medical training and have been associated with a higher propensity for developing nutritional problems and obesity. Changes in leptin and ghrelin concentrations - two hormones that contribute importantly to the central regulation of food intake - are poorly described in this population. The aim of this study(More)
The present review evaluates the role of sleep and its alteration in triggering problems of glucose metabolism and the possible involvement of adipokines in this process. A reduction in the amount of time spent sleeping has become an endemic condition in modern society, and a search of the current literature has found important associations between sleep(More)
INTRODUCTION Undernutrition directly affects critically ill patient's clinical outcome and mortality rates. OBJECTIVE Interdisciplinar algorithm creation aiming to optimize the enteral nutrition therapy for critically ill adult patients. DATA SOURCE Pubmed, SciELO, Scholar Google, Web of Science, Scopus, with research of these key words: protocols,(More)
An individual's chronotype is a trait which reflects his/her diurnal preferences for the times of rest and activities, and displays a continuum from morningness to eveningness. Studies have shown that eveningness tends to be associated with a less healthy lifestyle, including increased likelihood of developing obesity. In this study, we examined the(More)
The aim of this study was to describe the clinical course of a morbidly obese patient who underwent Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery and, in the late postoperative period, presented the expected loss of weight, but also presented severe protein malnutrition (PM). A patient with morbid obesity, who in March 2012, presented PM (serum albumin = 2.4(More)